Full transparency is very important at Divine Cashmere, we are committed to responsibly sourcing all of our fur and cashmere, we are very selective with the artisans who create our clothes and the materials we use which allows us to have full transparency throughout the whole process. Saga furs have a traceability program that ensures each individual pelt can be traced to its individual farm. When sourcing our fur, leather and cashmere we make sure it is always ethically sourced from a known location to us, we also make sure the fur we use is not from an endangered species. We work within regulations throughout every step of the production process which allows us to have full transparency.
Divine Cashmere furs are handcrafted using only the best quality materials and Origin Assured pelts from Saga Furs and Kopenhagen Furs. The wellbeing of animals is very important to us and we take huge pride that we only work with ethically sourced fur and are committed to the responsibility that you can buy fur with confidence.  
Fur is a naturally resilient material, it is long wearing which is why it can be passed down from generation to generation. It has superior insulating properties and is 100% biodegradable.  Sustainability is a priority for us, our company ethics evolve around full respect for the planet, people and animal welfare. We consciously work with materials that are fully biodegradable and made without plastic or plastic toxins that can harm the planet, we are committed to reducing the impact on our environment.  
We are proud to be working with saga furs, who are well renowned for their exceptional animal welfare and have been pioneers in fur fashion since the company formed in 1954.